Hobby Material

Hobby Material

Range of colours
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Adhesive Strips
Adhesive strips in 2 colours, white and brown, with the size 48 mm x 200 m.
48mm x 200mm
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Willow charcoal is used in classrooms, as well as by professional artists, architects and draftsmen and by painters for their preliminary canvas sketches. Our charcoal are available in 2 sizes and are sold either in packages of 4 or 25 pcs.
4-6mm, 10-12mm
4/25 pcs
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Contact Plastic Card
With contact plastic cards you can easily save leaves, flowers, grass, etc. Format: 10 x 14 cm. Place the item on the smooth side of the cardboard piece, attach the booklet and push the air out.
10 x 14 cm
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Display And Exhibition Monter
Display and exhibition monter that works both at the fair and in the classroom. Made out of 7 mm cardboard with white front and back
190 x 360 (4x90) cm
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Embroidery Card
Embroidery card of cardboard and prepared holes to easily embroider amazing works. Available in package of 40 pcs.
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Hobby And Paint Polystyrenboard
Hobby and paint pan of polystyrene, to create, paint and decorate on. The products have a real structure in the disc to create fun craft projects and creative wall decorations and is also dampens sound. Easy ta paint with most hobbies Fager, glue, glitter and attach the rest craft materials such as pipe cleaners, feathers, pins and sequins. Can be easily mounted on the wall with double-sided tape or adhesive pads. Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm, 10 mm thick.
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Stitch Card
Stitch card of cardboard and prepared holes with 8 different designs. Available in package of 48 pcs.



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