RITA  Original  is  the  brand  that  we  use  for  our  environmentally  certified  products,  the  products  are  either  certified  with  the  Nordic  Ecolabel  or  FSC®.  In  the  catalog,  these  products  are  marked  with  the  RITA  Original  logo.

For  us,  environmental  work  is  extremely  important.  We  constantly  work  to  certify  more  of  our  products.  So  if  you  choose  a  product  from  the  RITA  Original  range  you  get  a  premium  product,  made  with  high  environmental  demands  but  also  with  high  quality.
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The brand Portofino contain products of the highest quality but lacking an environmental certification of any kind, most of these products have instead something that we call "environmental declaration", more on that could be read on the previous page.

Portofino consists of a variety of products ranging from colored paper to glossy paper and metal cardboard.
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Gaining paint on a watercolor paper is a completely different feeling than painting on a copy paper, something that every creative child and adult should try.

Real watercolor paper often costs a fortune and nothing can be used in day-to-day activities at preschools and schools.

We have therefore formulated a compromise, a "ritacvarell", which we call Watecolo.
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