Dec 5, 2018

Top Paper Art YouTube Channels: Part II

As one of the most visited sites on the Internet, YouTube gave birth to talents who have a flair for creating videos. In the world of papercraft and paper art, more artists are increasing their following on YouTube. These artists have gathered a considerable clout in terms of their crafts.

Most people learn more through visual presentations. So, it’s important that if you will be creating step-by-step instructions on papercraft, a good video, a lively tune, and probably an entertaining script are needed.

In our previous article, we presented the top 5 YouTube channels on paper art based on the number of followers. To recap, here’s the list and their respective channel links.

1. Jo Nakashima – Origami Tutorials

2. Ventuno Art

3. KimspiredDIY

4. Srushi Patil

5. Paper Folds – Origami & Crafts

In part two of our series on the top papercraft YouTubers, we’ll present these artists who provide art and craft ideas and simple paper art with simple step-by-step instructions. You can learn from these channels and enjoy the creative world of their artistry.

6. DIY Paper Crafts

Joined: May 2016

No. of Subscribers: 294,100

Channel Link

This YouTube channel has videos on arts and crafts using different forms of papers such as crepe, tissue, colored, and origami. Most of the tutorials in the site show how to make rose paper flowers, calla lilies, paper bows, and other origami arts.

7. Paper Guru

Joined: December 2008

Location: United States

No. of Subscribers: 168,550

Channel Link

As a channel for gift wrapping, this site was created by Shiho Masuda. She is a professional gift wrapping designer and artist. Aside from her channel on gift wrapping ideas and materials, she provides free online courses on gift wrapping through her website.

8. Guilia’s Art

Joined: May 2014

Location: United Kingdom

No. of Subscribers: 126,725

Channel Link

DIY Paper Crafts – Guilia’s Art is a site for learning papercrafts such as scrapbooking, greeting cards, creative exploding boxes, and hand-made photo albums. The main artist for the channel, Guilia is from Romania but currently resides in the UK with her husband. Her passion is making videos that provide content on gift ideas, room decorations, do-it-yourself crafts, and life hacks.

9. Pootles Papercraft

Joined: March 2013

Location: United Kingdom

No. of Subscribers: 83,461

Channel Link

Pootles Papercraft is the brainchild of Sam Hammond Donald who is based in the UK. She is an independent UK Stampin! Up Demonstrator. Stampin! Up products promote creativity through handmade cards, papercraft projects, and home décor. Pootles and her YouTube site mostly present creative gift boxes, unique packaging, and greeting cards.

10. Paper Crafter 45

Joined: January 2012

Location: United States

No. of Subscribers: 24,443

Channel Link

Paper Crafter 45, together with sidekick Sock Monkey, provide videos on a variety of paper arts on their channel. These projects include gift cards and holders, folio cards, envelopes, and creative boxes.

As long as there are paper and artistic people, we will not run out of YouTube channels. In this age where everything is going digital, it is such a pleasure to watch these sites promote paper aesthetics and creativity in a hundred different ways. For more creation of these videos, let’s keep on watching them.