Jan 4, 2019

Fun Arts with Tissue Paper

There are a hundred types of materials (not surprising if it will reach a thousand) used in arts and crafts. One unusual item that may be thought about is the tissue paper. Although considered more as a hygienic product, tissue paper is classified as a light crepe paper due to its texture. Aside from this, it has great absorbency in spite of its thin width, comfortable to use, and does not harm the skin or other parts if used regularly.

Tissues are made from recycled paper pulp. Its production is through a paper machine having a steam-heated drying cylinder called a Yankee dryer. The Yankee cylinder contains adhesives to make the paper adhere to each other.

Although its invention was credited to Joseph Gayetty in 1857, it was known back then as commercial toilet paper. The toilet paper is just one type of tissue paper and most of the time, these two terms are synonymous. Other terms that are used when referring to tissue paper are napkins, bathroom paper, facial tissues, paper towels, and wrapping tissues.  

Tissue in Art

Now, back to its unusual use in art! Tissue papers come in a variety of colors but the white ones are more known for personal hygiene. So, when you see arts and crafts made of colored tissue papers, don’t worry about them. They surely were not used in the bathroom. Here are some arts and crafts ideas using tissue paper or toilet paper.

Tissue Paper Flowers

These tissue paper flowers can be used for birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions. The basic materials for making these flowers aside from our main star are wires and scissors. The instructions on the making of the tissue flowers are in this video.

Another way of making these tissue flowers can be viewed here.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Making a fluffy ball of tissues or pom poms are colorful and fun to play with. They’re similar to the large tufts held by cheerleaders or a ball attached to a hat. In this video, you can make poms poms made out of tissue paper.

Tissue Paper Flower Pot

Terracotta or clay flower pots can be improved and beautified by using tissue papers to cover them. Similar to that of a decoupage, wrapping them make unique and great personal gifts. The pots are also weatherproofed with the additional layers of tissue paper and resins.

Stained Glass Candle Holders

What to do with used glass jars? They can be recycled and used as candle holders. But before that, why not decorate them with tissue papers. The website, MomSpark.net, provides the list of materials and instructions for this great do-it-yourself project using tissue papers.

Tissue Paper Butterfly

Just like any paper, tissues can be used for origami. Here, materials and instructions are provided on how to construct a tissue butterfly. All you need is a bit of imagination, patience, and creativity. Different colors of tissues may be used, too.

With this article, you learned that tissue paper is not limited as a hygienic product. Its versatility makes it an ideal art and craft material. All it takes is the material, some bits of recycled items, and a whole lot of imagination and creativity. So, the next time you’re spending some quiet moments in the bathroom and fiddling with the tissue paper, might be a great opportunity to think about your next papercraft project.