Dec 22, 2018

Fantastic 7 Christmas 3D Papercrafts

Christmas is just around the corner. The excitement is building up from buying of gifts, planning for the holiday menu, decorating your home or adding trinkets to the Christmas tree. To get inspirations from some Christmas home decors, here are some do-it-yourself 3D papercrafts for the holidays. These arts and crafts ideas are easy to make, with readily available materials, and can be completed with your family members for the much-needed quality time.

1. Christmas Village

For this Christmas village, here are downloadable and printable patterns for the paper décor from Hello, Wonderful. You can spice up this village by adding tea lights for a more festive atmosphere. This is ideal since all you have to do is download, cut, fold, and put your own design. No stress on a lot of time to make this village.

2. Christmas Shadow Box

Everything inthis décor is built from paper. The shadow box is made up of paper cut designs andlayered to form a landscape where you can add special effects based on yourtheme. This shadow box is inspired by Linda Rose’sInstructables. At the back of the shadow box is a LED strip to setthe Christmas effect into place. The décor may take some to make to build butit will definitely be worth it once you turn on the lights and the shadowlandscape will be highlighted.

3. Christmas Tree Paper Cupcakes

Ever imagined using paper cupcake liners as miniature Christmas trees? Here’s an idea from Tutti Guardano le Novule. For materials, all you need are the liners, scissors, a paper cone that will serve as the pattern for the tree, a wooden base, and glue or adhesive. You may add other ornaments desired for the Christmas tree.

4. Paper Snowflakes

Snowflakes will always be present whenever the holiday season comes. They’re beautiful creations whether as home décors or trinkets for the tree. The only 3 materials needed are paper, glue, and thread. Here are the 3D snowflake papercraft ideas from The Spruce Crafts.

5. Paper Reindeer

Christmas is the busiest time for Santa Claus and his reindeer. Celebrate this season with cute paper tube reindeer inspired from The Craft Train. You must have at one time asked what you can do with the toilet paper tubes. Well, here’s a great idea how to reuse them and turn them into a reindeer. You may refer to the instructions and materials provided.

6. Paper Tube Santa’s

If we had suggested the making of paper tube reindeer, Santa won’t be left far behind. Here are ideas from the Aira Tran YouTube channel on making these paper tube Santa décors. The instructions can easily be followed from the video as well as the materials needed.

7. Curled Strips in a Christmas Ball

Artsy wedding and birthday invitations are too cute or sentimental to be thrown away. What can we do to keep these mementos as reminders of the special occasions? Why not cut them into strips and stuff them inside some clear crystal balls. You not only celebrate Christmas with these décors but will remind you of the past occasions and at the same time, able to recycle these souvenirs. This décor idea was inspired From Glitter to Gumdrops including materials and instructions.

Celebrate theholidays with these Christmas DIY papercrafts. They are not only beautiful andcreative but will bring out the artist in you. It also helps the environmentsince most materials used are recyclables. Instructions are easy too for bothadults and kids!