Feb 22, 2019

Explore Your Creativity One Fold At A Time With Origami

Origami is an art form that has its origins from Japan and dates as far back as the sixth century. It’s a fusion of two Japanese words(Ori = fold, Kami = Paper), which translates basically as the art of folding paper into different decorative items.

Origami is a creative way to fold paper in all forms of beautiful shapes and its one art form that will stimulate your creative juices as it sets your mind abuzz with new design concepts. All you need is a paper (for starters, you can start with a normal piece of paper and advance into specific papers for origami for more complex designs) and a huge dose of time and patience—lots and lots of it. The design models you can craft with just paper are just plain endless. The only limit is the one you place on your imagination. How freeing that sounds!

Getting the hang of the basic fold techniques like mountain and valley folds and crease patterns is a matter of consistent practice. More intricate paper folds are mostly a combination of these basic techniques. Be familiar,however, with the fact that your first attempt at origami will be fraught with lots of frustrations. Almost always, you wouldn’t get your first origami model perfect the first time. The only way you can better this craft is through trial and practice and openness to mistakes. It’s always best to start simple (a box or an envelope, perhaps) and work your way up to the ultra-complex models.

Beyond just paper folding and the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a challenging model, origami has several other benefits. Origami requires a decent amount of dexterity for the different folding patterns making it an innovative exercise to refine your motor skills and eye-hand co-ordination.  

Origami is one art form that also improves your imagination and focus levels. With origami comes several cognitive skills that forces you to be immersed in the present moment and shutting out the constant pings and buzzes that constantly surround us.

It enkindles your creative and problem-solving abilities.When you constantly practice, it’s easy for more design ideas to come to you either from influences from more experienced folders or your own designs. This activity sparks your brain and keeps it open to formulate different creative representations of everyday items with paper.

All of these benefits and more from an inexpensive hobby which requires just a piece of paper and your imagination is worth giving a shot.  If you are looking to indulge in a productive hobby, welcome to the fold of an ever-increasing loyal fan base of Origami enthusiasts unfolding their creative side’s one paper at a time.

Happy Folding!