Jan 2, 2019

Best DIY Paper Party Favors and Decors

What’s a party without unique, colorful, and cute decorations, souvenirs, and for kids: those most coveted loots or party bags? Planning for any type of party or gathering that is easy to organize and the venue to doll up is something that will take only a few days or weeks. If you’re the type who is hands-on and intends to have these special occasions as creative and amazing as possible, then consider making your do-it-yourself (DIY) party favors and decors.

How about making party favors that are easy to make, won’t break the bank, and will add a special personality to the event? Well, we have some arts and crafts ideas made up of a simple material: paper. So, bring out those different kinds of papers, some markers, a couple of glue, tape, glitters, and any other materials that will jazz up your party favors and decors.

Hearts Garlands

A DIY papercraft straight from the heart, this garland can be a good addition to a wall or ceiling. All you need are strips of decorative papers, a stapler, a hole puncher, and some ribbons. The step-by-step instructions can be viewed here.

Paper Angels

For your little angels, express your love and affection with these paper angels that you may use as a party favor or décor. All kids love angels so why not remind them that these angels love them too. For materials and instructions, you may refer to this video.

Wedding Place Cards and Favor

This papercraft idea has a dual purpose: as a place card and a favor to remind guests of the special event. This artistic idea from www.evermine.com will mark where your guests can be seated and at the same time, serve as the wedding favor. All you need are the special items for the favors, some decorative papers, glitters, glue, ribbons or strings, and scissors.

Easter Bunny Favor Bags

Easter may be months away. In caseyou’re planning some season activities or your kid’s birthday happens to fallon Easter, then these paper bunny bags might liven up the party. All you needare kraft paper bags or small paper lunch bags. Add glue, strings or baker’stwine, scissors, pencils, and white small pompoms. Include creativity and somepersonal touches. You may fill these loot bags with candies, doughnut holes,small Easter eggs, or any other party favors. Step-by-step instructions on thispapercraft can be seen here.

Miniature Pinatas

When was the last time you hit a pinata during your birthday or someone else’s? Whenever this party item is present, every guest gets a kick (or a bat) at the chance to hit it. If there is one main pinata to hit, why not create several mini ones for everyone to take home? These miniature pinatas can be party favors that may be included inside the loot bag. They are made up of cardboard, tissue paper, and tape. For other materials and detailed instructions, you may follow this link.

Making these DIY party favors and decors add a personal touch to the occasion. It not only brings out the excitement in you when planning for the event, but it also brings out the artist and talent that you didn’t know you possess. Of course, these items may also be conversation pieces during the party.