Mar 20, 2019

Benefits of Letter Writing

It is easier in the technological era to keep up with people. You’ve  Facebook, texting with people in your contact list, emails and more. But in all that messaging, we lose some of the personal touch.

There is something about the act of writing things out by hand on paper, and sending it out in an envelope that makes the whole message feel much more personal and enjoyable. I know I love receiving cards with notes in them on holidays or birthdays. I think that writing letters is a lost art that we need to revive together.

We hope that these benefits will convince you.

  • Writing will make you feel more in touch with the person you are reaching out to.
  • You get to take a moment out of your hectic schedule to just breathe and write.
  • Writing helps you practice your handwriting and most times even improve it.
  • In case you have got stationary supplies, you will a totally legitimate reason to start!

Also, I think there is a large benefit in siting down at a desk with nothing but smooth paper, a fine pen, and a message to send to the recipient. It’s a lot easier to really communicate, I think, because I always feel distracted with email and text. I’m never giving the digital message my full attention no matter how hard I try. Notifications popping up interrupt my train of thought or the nature of my location (which is usually out in the world) doesn’t allow me concentrate. But I can really focus on my thoughts and words when I’m writing it down, and I bet you’ll have the same result

And in case you're not sure on who your recipient can be, you could try the following,

  1. Grandparents are a great place to start because if they can learn how to text for you then I'm sure you can do the same for them and write a letter once in a while.
  2. Meeting new people who can eventually turn into pen pals are a great start as well. There are tons of way to meet through hobby groups and various online groups.
  3. Expressing your opinions to local leader or politician. Letter writing is actually a great way to voice your opinion or maybe simply send out appreciation and thanks and overall better than tweets or emails because they can see how much you care by how much time you took to express your opinion.
  4. We have all maybe had a friend or two who had to move away maybe two a different area, country, region. The best way to get in touch with them whenever you can would be to sit down with you pen and paper to say hello and maybe catch up on a few things which I find is better than few likes on a post on Facebook.

I hope you had a great time reading this and maybe you've been convinced that letter writing is something that you should get into.