Dec 5, 2018

Amazing Types of Paper for Arts and Crafts: Part I

Upon browsing social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, you can’t help but gush over the beautiful artworks made from paper. The types of paper used in paper art come in different forms, shapes, sizes, colors, and design.

When it comes to paper art, there are a variety of materials to choose from. It all depends on the type of paper, colors, texture, thickness, and toughness. In this first part of a series of articles, we provide some of the most popular types of paper for your pleasure and enjoyment. There are lots of materials to choose from so we opted to list them here and in the succeeding articles.


Crepe paper is a type of tissue paper which primarily got its name “crepey” because of its crinkled texture. Due to their characteristics and variety of colors, they are ideal for making paper flowers and paper sculptures. They can be soaked in water and used as a dye for Easter eggs. For undyed crepe, they are used as a bathroom paper.

Watercolor paper

A bit of trivia – did you know that watercolor paper began its production in 1620 at Arches et Archettes in France? As the name denotes, this kind of paper is usually used for watercolors. It is made of wood pulp or sometimes mixed with cotton fibers. In its production, the paper can be classified according to its process: hot-pressed, cold-pressed, and rough. It is an ideal paper to use if you want to start a hobby on watercolor painting.

Construction Paper

The most favorite paper children use for their art projects, construction papers are colorful, versatile, and tough enough to be used. Small particles are visible on the paper since it is mainly produced from wood pulp. They used to be called sugar paper because of their use in making bags for sugar. Isn’t this sweet?


Derived from the Latin word “vitulinium,” vellum paper is made from calf skin although its modern version is now made from cotton and wood pulp. It is a high quality of parchment paper and ideally used in creating greeting cards, scrapbooking, and tracing. Because of its translucency, it’s ideal for tracing drawing and images.

Rice paper

No, rice paper is not really made from rice. The paper is from the pith of a small tree called Tetrapanax papyrifer. This paper is usually a medium for paintings as well as for making paper flowers.  It can also be used for paper cutting designs and decoupage.

Mulberry paper

Belonging to the group of rice paper, the mulberry paper is made from the bark fibers of mulberry trees and usually hand-made. The mulberry fibers are noticeable in this type of paper which sometimes provide the coarse texture and the deckle edges. Although it may be thin, its strong characteristics make it ideal for card making, paper art folding, and scrapbooking.


Cardstock or pasteboard comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and texture. Usually a popular choice for papercraft, its thickness is not so thin as a newsprint but not so thick as a cardboard. It’s the paper of choice for greeting cards as well as scrapbooking, creative gift wrapping, and paper doll making.


This inexpensive paper can be used to create a lot of paper art and crafts. You can even help the environment since it is recycled. Lightweight and tough to hold print on both sides, it is ideal for papier mache.

So, had enough of paper? If you are a paper art lover, we don’t think so. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are thinking of paper designs for projects or a simple craft work with paper, choosing the right paper and materials will enhance your creativity and design of the finished craft.

There are other materials to choose from but we don’t want to drown you yet on the selections. We will provide another list in the second part of the series. Stay tuned and keep subscribing to us!