Jan 2, 2019

5 Practical Reasons Why Paper Cannot Be Replaced

Since it was first invented, paper has proven to be one of the most versatile and widely used materials. Even with the advancement of technology throughout the centuries, paper has remained part of our everyday lives and seems to be here to stick around even longer. Whether it's for writing something down, wrapping something up, or creating simple paper art, you'll find countless ways to make use of this ubiquitous material. Here's a list of reasons why paper is simply too convenient to replace.

1. Personal record-keeping

Nowadays, digital media is everywhere. From emails to news stories to articles, everything can be accessed through a screen with an internet connection. But people like to keep physical records as well, as it's something that cannot be lost through glitches, errors, or a lack of connectivity. Receipts, legal documents, contracts, certificates, and more are still more appreciated when held tangibly. Without a literal paper trail, it would be quite troublesome to keep track of everything.

2. Collectible prints

Even though E-books have been steadily increasing with popularity, there doesn't seem to be any reduction in people who adore physical books. People have been known to own a digital copy of the book as well as a hardcover version, simply because it's akin to having a print from a favorite artist on the wall. Limited editions not only catch the eye of collectors, but they also serve as decorative pieces that can help add to any room's ambience.

3. Arts and crafts

Paper is a staple when it comes to the basic creation of art, whether it's in the form of sketching, scrapbooking, or paper folding. Its availability and affordability make it hard to overlook. It's something we have had all throughout our lives, from art and craft for preschool to modern day paper designs for decoration. It's certainly hard to imagine a world where arts and crafts don't involve paper.

4. Banking

One of the most coveted things in this world is paper that comes in the form of money. Banks all over the planet keep paper notes safely in their vaults. It's been how people have exchanged goods and services for centuries, and is a very mainstream method of conducting transactions. Even with the increased efficiency of credit and debit cards, cash transactions are still accepted and the most basic way for businesses to accept payment.

5. Endless options and possibilities

With so many different types of paper, there's just no end to the list of things you can use it for. Things like crepe paper and origami paper are popular within conventional paper art. Kraft paper, with its distinct shades of brown, is often used for packaging. Tissue paper is more fragile, but can be used for many different purposes; its colored variants often inspire paper craft ideas.

Our world is filled with paper and making use of it is efficient and practical. Sometimes it's easy to take for granted because of how ever-present it is, but the next time you send a postcard or jot down a few notes, remember that paper helps us throughout our daily lives more than we notice. You take it a step further and learn paper art to really appreciate the different kinds of paper you hardly ever think about.