Jan 7, 2019

5 Easy to Make Paper Frames

Fond memories are mostly recorded in our minds. We look back and cherish those precious memories whether through souvenirs or mementos. Probably the best reminders of these memories are photographs. You may have taken and gathered a lot of pictures throughout your lifetime and don’t have an idea how to organize them.

In every home, there will always be a picture frame as a reminder. There is even an art involved when displaying these frames. Although the thought of having some of the photos or notes framed probably crossed your mind, they might be expensive considering the numerous copies you may have.

Fret not! As alternatives to those expensive and heavy frames, why not use your creativity and artistry by making these do-it-yourself (DIY) paper frames. The main material to use is basic: Paper. These papercraft ideas are very simple and you can even make this artistic endeavour as a hobby.

Basic Paper Photo Frame

The easiest way to construct a paper frame is by cutting it out from paper and using a cardboard as a matting or back support. You may cut a piece of cardboard slightly bigger than the photo or image being set to be framed. You may design the frames whichever you like and whatever materials you may have. The important thing is that the frame was made out of your artistry and labor of love.

DIY Paper Frames

To provide with you with some other arts and crafts ideas for your paper frames, here are DIY projects which are easy and simple to make.

1. Origami Photo Frame

Origami has long been a paper art and one of the oldest and popular crafts. You can make an origami paper frame with just folding some colorful paper to make the souvenir holder. Here is a video on how to make a simple one.

2. Newspaper Sticks and Paper Flower Photo Frame

In this paper photo frame, you will be needing newspapers or recycled papers. This eco-friendly frame will not do any harm to the trees but would display the artist in you. The materials and instructions are shown in this video.

3. Paper Photo Holders

These paper photo holders may not be the standard and traditional frames you have in mind but they are useful and artistic. Consider these photo folders the next time you plan to organize your pictures and make them look more unique and creative. Follow the instructions in this video.

4. Quilled Paper Picture Frame

Quilling is the art of coiling, curling, and twisting paper and makes them as unique papercrafts. These quilled papers can be added to standard frames for a more stylish and artistic look. You may follow this video to give you some ideas on how to use quills to decorate your paper frames.

5. Papier Mache Frame

Papier mache is one of the oldest and simple paper arts that has ever been created. Here is an idea of blending the art of papier mache into a paper frame. The materials and instructions are shown in this video.

Making these paper frames may not hold memories and reminders alone. Looking at these frames will make you realize that you have that inner talent to create these wonderful papercrafts. Planning and constructing these paper arts with another family member or significant other will doubly make the effort more memorable and worthwhile. So, the next time a visitor comes into your home, be ready to be flattered by comments on your artworks.