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We share your passion for art and crafts. That's why we aim to inspire creativity and satisfy your expectations by providing you with a wide range of quality materials so you can create!

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We are a converter of paper and board established in 1971. We have a wide range of interesting products and possibilities to offer to specific industries, at competitive prices, yet as a quality supply and sustainable source.

We work with a global network of paper mills, considered as the extended arms of the manufacturers, with deep knowledge, reliability, and flexibility.

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We don't only write on paper.

We wanted to share what we know with you so we made a blog!

RITA Original is the brand that we use for our environmentally certified products, the products are either certified with the Nordic Ecolabel or FSC®. In the catalogue, these products are marked with the RITA Original logo. For us, environmental work is extremely important. We constantly work to certify more of our products.

If you choose a product from the RITA Original range you get a premium product, made with high environmental demands but also with high quality.
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The brand Port & Fino contain products of the highest quality but lacking an environmental certification of any kind, most of these products have instead something that we call "environmental declaration", more on that could be read on the previous page. Port & Fino consists of a variety of products ranging from colored paper to glossy paper and metal cardboard.
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Gaining paint on a watercolor paper is a completely different feeling than painting on a copy paper, something that every creative child and adult should try. Real watercolor paper often costs a fortune and nothing can be used in day-to-day activities at preschools and schools.

We have therefore formulated a compromise, a "ritacvarell", which we call Watecolo.
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